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Acquisition Costs

One-time costs when acquiring property:

Legal fees – 1.5-2%. Our company works with several law firms in Israel and in Cyprus.

Legal fees in the residency track – average cost of €2000-4000.

Legal fees (European passport receipt track) – cost of about €17,000, and additional payment to the State of about €14,000.

Stamp tax – 0.15% for property up to €170 thousand, 0.2% for property above €170 thousand.

VAT – VAT for acquisition of new property is 19%. If the purchaser resides in the property on a permanent basis, a request can be submitted for a reduced VAT rate of 5%, for a property of up to 200 sq2.

The purchaser must reside in the property for at least 10 years. Should the purchaser sell the property before the end of this period, they will be required to pay the difference. There is no VAT on the purchase of second-hand property.

Transfer Tax

Property Value
Tax Rate
Tax in €
סה״כ לתשלום
Less than €85,430
2,563 €
85,430 – 170,860 €
4,272 €
6,835 €
Above €170,860

A 50% discount on total tax paid on property value between 85,430 – 170,860

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