A Sea of Possibilities


Shuna Group specializes in in finding, developing, managing, marketing and selling real estate assets in Cyprus.
We believe that in the current reality every person should own a yielding asset, and in Cyprus this is possible.
Our work process at the Shuna Group is divided into several stages that include: finding land or a project, assessment of the transaction profitability and the developers, negotiation, and close accompaniment of the client (including legal and financial advisory services and receiving financing from banks in Cyprus), from the contract signing date up until receipt of the key and going forward.

Hotel in Laranca

Stadiou 116, Larnaca, Cyprus

Wooden houses

Troodos Mountains


Evangelou Chatziioannou, Larnaca, Cyprus


Archiepiskopou Makariou III, Kiti, Cyprus


Stadiou 116, Larnaca, Cyprus
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